Kevin Karrick

Playing a gig by the sea



Kevin Karrick is dedicated guitarist, educated on multiple instruments and music theory in his youth. With experience in rock, blues, jazz and some classical, his musical approach is a unification of all of the above, and revealed in his performances as a solo guitarist and band leader, and in his teaching.

After settling on guitar as a life long endeavor, Kevin went on to study music theory, composition, and electronics technology in college, and later has taken workshops with a number of acclaimed guitarists. He has transcribed music from 30s and 40s swing, the folk and rock of the 50s and 60s, and 70s dance to current day pop music. Kevin has also composed a number of contemporary jazz and acoustic guitar pieces.

His rock experience stems from playing in bands of the midwest, touring the clubs and universities in Illinois, Indiana and Iowa. In jazz and dance music, he has held several esteemed guitar positions, including the Central Illinois Jazz Society house band, Rich Richardson’s Jahptal, Dick Benson Organ Trio, and Denver’s Moments Notice. He also managed and led the popular Colorado band, Swing Essence. Kevin taught guitar privately for a number of years, during which he developed a library of instructional materials for beginner to advanced levels, which are now offered on-line.

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